Writing Skills

Colour and Writing 1 (Purple prose)

Colour and Writing 2 (Dance the Orange)

Obituary Writing  

Lesson Plan_The Unicorn in the Garden

Example of Student/Teacher Feedback Grids for fiction writing

Example of Student/Teacher Feedback Grids for non-fiction writing (NB WW = writing workshop. WW3, WW4, WW5 all refer to essay writing.)

How to write something that sounds English

How to write something that sounds English continued

BBC Skillswise 

Blogging (including techie stuff)

Creative Blogging Course 2019

Creative Students Creative Blogging

Autonomy and Creativity and Blogging

Creating a Creative Commons Licence   (last accessed 29/04/2019). A straightforward video explanation to why and how to set up a CC licence.


Creativity in the English Language Classroom (last accessed 15/04/2019)

Creativity in the Classroom



Onomatopoeia (last accessed 15/11/2019)

Foreign Language Teaching

Foreign Language Learning and Teaching University of Nice, Shona Whyte. This excellent course simply and clearly presents and explains the different theories that structure language teaching . (last accessed 30/04/2019)

Listening Skills

 Lyrics Training great site to listen to lyrics of popular songs with fill in the gap exercises. (last accessed 20/03/2019) NB WW = writing workshop. WW3,WW4, WW5 refer to essay writing

ESL Hop Hop – great site to listen to lyrics and learn vocabulary (particularly slang). Includes some grammar too. (last accessed 02/04/2019)

EFL / ESL English Listening Exercices English Online France -scroll down to here, there and everywhere. (last accessed 02/04/2019)

English Language Listening Lab Online ELLLO (last accessed 02/04/2019)

Pronunciation and Speaking Skills

Famelab and creating  “A Chemistry of”. Sequence proposed by Celine Fabre (IUT Montpellier-Sète) Doc 1, Doc 2

Improvisation skills – Nonsense Game sequence proposed by Hélène Morzadec (UM2) Explanation, Secret Words A, Secret words B, Situation A, Situation B

Tim’s pronunciation Workshops (last accessed 21/03/2019)

Teaching telephone English. How to say goodbye. (last accessed 06/05/2019)

Written Comprehension and grammar

Stratapp mobile application – developed by  European universities and aimed at students with levels B1 and B2. (Last accessed 02/04/2019).

On the site of the University of Victoria (British Columbia, Canada), you can find written comprehension and grammar exercises for five different levels. (Last accessed 02/04/2019)

Upper Beginner

Lower Intermediate


Upper Intermediate



BBC Learning English  (last accessed 21/03/2019)

English Online France (last accessed 19/03/2019)

 British Council – Learn English Central (As well as fee-paying courses lots of free activities: skills, grammar, vocab, business English, IELTS tips. (Last accessed 21/03/2019)