Anecdotes to Troubled Times (Blogging Course 2022)

Anecdotes to Troubled Times (Blogging Course 2022)

It is with great pleasure that I publish the links to this year’s student blogs. They are remarkable individual and collective journeys into creativity and the multi-faceted nature of culture. Enjoy their delicious shared moments. Take hope from their energy and optimism and generosity. And don’t hesitate to join in the conversations.


Another Way

Art in Abyss


Book Club

The Fellowship of the Feather

Icing on the Cake

A Journey and a Book

Somewhere Over the Dungeon



Time Off to Travel

Tricks and Skills. Our hands, our treasure: let’s share our tricks and skills

Welcome to the Future

Yum Yum KFood

Day 30.

Featured image taken from ‘Poppies’ by Ukrainian artist Maria Primachenko.

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