Creative Blogging Course 2019

Creative Blogging Course 2019

The second-year undergraduate on-line course for Paul-Valéry is drawing to a close over the next couple of weeks and I would like to share the links for the blogs that the students have created and are in the process of working on. Some of them really are fabulous and all of them are proof of much hard work and implication in the creative blogging course.

As I have explained in past posts (notably Creative blogging and Autonomy, Creativity and Blogging) ,  the students will also have to evaluate and comment on their peers’ blogs using the Grading Criteria which they decided upon collaboratively.  This mark out of 20 will be added to participation points automatically generated by Moodle when students interacted in forums, chats, wikis and glossaries.  I am currently working on a teaching note for the ASP review which will provide more technical detail about how this all worked.

In the meantime, here are the links. Please don’t hesitate to go and visit the blogs and comment on them:

Baklava Bi Houb

A Woman, A century

4 Girls 1 Passion

A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

Learn the World

Enjoy Your Cooking

Green Travelling

Mammals in Danger in France

Secrets of Clothes

Save the Planet

About Home and Interiors

The Fantastic History of Cinema

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