Flights of Fancy (Blogging Course 2021)

Flights of Fancy (Blogging Course 2021)

The clocks have moved forward, curfew in France has been pushed back to seven o’clock in the evening and spring stirs. In spite of everything students continue to study and teachers to teach. This year’s 16 collaborative blogs written by second-year students are proof that enthusiam and perserverance and creativity continue to flourish. I would like to pay hommage to all those bookworms, adventurous frogs, krakens, octopuses, philosophers, quilters, vinyl fetishists, cooks, sports lovers and storytellers out there who have shared their flights of fancy and passions and enabled me to smile and dream and travel afar. Eskapi!

Adventurous Frogs


Art and Philosopy

The Bookworm’s Tale

Cooking and Blogging

Cult Fiction


Kraken and Octopus

Literary 21

Music Lovers

Protect Earth’s beauty


Sport Highlights Lovers

Urban Life Photography

The Secret Life of Readers

Zero Waste Students

And for your pleasure we have Phoenix’s wrought-iron rose. Check out her personal website here.

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