The Day A Heart Shifted

The Day A Heart Shifted


The Day A Heart Shifted won the First Prize in the first New Sentinel Annual Short Story Competition which took place in 2012. It was described by the judge David Caddy in the following terms:

“It has a formidably strong narrative force and arc. The first person narrative filters in formation as the story line develops within a beautifully described sultry setting and leads to a ferocious and violent crescendo. It has an unrelenting pace and fierceness that lays bare the narrator’s refusal to accept an unequal relationship and its consequences. It focuses sharply upon a woman ironing and raising a family without any help from her partner. The consequences are unpredictable and internally coherent. The short stabbing sentences beautifully evoke and mirror the condition under review and work to make the story linger long after being read. It is the best executed story in terms of writing, plot and narrative force within the word limit.”

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