Creative Confinement (Blogging Course 2020)

Creative Confinement (Blogging Course 2020)

All through lockdown, second-year, distance-learning EFL students at Paul Valéry University have been persevering with their blogging course and finally (10 weeks into the 12-week course) have set up their blogs and begun posting. This is only the second year that this course has existed and it still feels fresh, exciting and worthwhile. In addition, I must confess to feeling not a little proud of having contributed to the processes of collaborative writing and blogging and language learning. And sharing.

So, hats off to impudent earthlings, chatterers, whisperers, scrollers, scholars and thinkers, sweeth-toothed queens, those with their heads in the clouds, music aficionados ready to sweep us away in musical whirlwinds and all bloggers ready to roll up their sleeves to help others.

Here, for your enjoyment, are this year’s blog links to their ‘collective epics’. Please don’t hesitate to visit and leave comments.

Earthling Letters

The Great Heaven of Literature

InClues – Inclusive education

Movie Whispers

Otium… studious leisure

A Scroll for Culture

Sweet Tooth Queens

Talk and Tunes

Butterfly Serenity

Glorious wisteria from fig_tart. Thank you.

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